Barangay Tayhi, Tabaco, Albay

Project Description

The power situation in the province of Albay faces an unrelenting dilemma, the accumulation of large arrears which leads to massive electric service disconnection. In particular, based on data shared by the Albay Power and Energy Corporation (APEC), Barangay Tayhi has the highest percentage share of consumers with arrears in the entire Tabaco City in 2021, amounting to 14.6 million pesos. While access to electricity is not for free, the accumulation of arrears by a significant number of consumers may be a symptom of a bigger and more deeply-rooted problem, which may revolve around economic reasons, billing disputes, and protest refusal. For this reason, we are proposing the emPOWER the Community through Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EMCEEC) that aims to introduce a demand-side mitigating approach, focusing on the behavioral management of the people relative to energy efficiency and conservation (EEC) and the increase in the utilization of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies at the barangay level. Specifically, the EMCEEC seeks to develop a learning tool and an EEC kit to be given per household for them to learn more about sustainability and energy-efficient technologies available, teaching what they can use at the household level and how this can help them save on their budget given the same energy consumption. Along the process, EMCEEC would hopefully help them save up amidst the uncertainties of the pandemic and eventually pay their incurred debt. In addition, the same would also help them be mindful of their overall expenses to prevent future debt.

Contact Person

Name: Arnulfo C. Onrubia