Barangay Tandang Kutyo, Tanay, Rizal

Project Description

Philippine Healthcare was considered to be a good quality by international standards, and it is for the fact that Healthcare is amongst the topics that the government has always been addressing. A great example of these are reforms meant to unify our health care system, like Universal Health Care Act, then the scope of Phil Health’s coverage expanded to include free medical consultations and laboratory tests, and all Filipino citizens will be automatically in the national program. Nevertheless, Healthcare, like any other topic that our government was trying to cover, is too complex and full of independent variables that cannot be resolved all at once. Health and Labor Force participation influence each other simultaneously, according to human capital theory, health and labor force participation are positively related. That theory predicts that improvements in health lead to greater labor force participation. People with poor health tend to be less productive, because poor health adversely affects their work performance. Compared with this group, healthy workers can expect higher returns from work and, as a result, have a greater incentive to be in the labor force. Poor health may also lead to people spending more time out of the labor force, because the time needed to care for one’s health increases as that health deteriorates According to Census of Population and Household 2020, there are 20,754 Residents in Barangay Tandang Kutyo and based from the barangay’s M11 and M22 of 2021 there are only 777 or 3.74% seek medical attention in the barangay health center, And, 17 or 0.08% of it came from the farthest part of the barangay, Sitio Rawang and Sitio Macantog. Considering the large population of the barangay we can see that the residents seeking medical attention is very small. The general idea of the project is to convert any available vehicle to a medical kiosk or health care on wheels that move around the barangay, equipped with various apparatus for medical care, e.g.: weighting scale for infant and adult, blood pressure machine, oxygen, and other necessary medical services to widen the scope of the barangay health center.

Contact Person

Name: Antonio T. Pitoral