Barangay Balud, Tanauan, Leyte

Project Description

Among the 31 households whom we collected our initial data from, it was revealed that all of them still use plastic bags more than “bayong” or eco bags and they rarely recycle them, only reuse plastic containers, and cans as pot alternatives for plants. We also knew that all households burn their plastic garbage and use plastics to start fire in their dirty kitchen when cooking. Also, 28 of them still buy vegetables from the market or from village merchants even though they have a space at home where they could start a vegetable garden. These data made our observation valid that the problem in our community and most probably in other communities too is the much consumption of plastics and recycling is very minimal, there is improper waste management and disposal which badly affects the environment and that healthy food sustainability has to be brought at home. MAP Program is composed of 3 inter-related projects, namely: (1) Mamita’s Masitas(plants); (2) A Hole: New World for Plastic Wastes; and (3) PRUTAN: Prutas ngan Utan (vegetables) ha Bungsaran(yard). In Mamita’s Masitas, we would like to provide bayongs/eco-bags make the alternative pots more appealing by providing them with paints and brushes, as well as a comprehensive manual, which is in Waray-waray dialect, on how they could recycle especially single-use plastics. In A Hole: Now World for Plastic Wastes, we will provide shovels and covers for their garbage pits. While in PRUTAN, we wish to give vegetable seeds as well as other gardening tools and a manual for organic gardening and alternative spaces to grow vegetables at home.

Contact Person

Name: Hon. Jimmy M. Verona