Barangay Samoki, Bontoc, Mountain Province

Project Description

Potable water scarcity has been a worldwide problem. Even in developing indigenous municipalities, it is becoming a problem due to the yearly fires ravaging the mountains and that the control of the fire spread is limited because of its terrains and there are no advance equipment by the Bureau of Fire Protection and the barangay for its control. Another contributor is the lack of protection of the water sources. In 2019, Cordillera records 165 fires in less than three months and that barangay Samoki has been affected of it contributing to the lesser production of water from other water sources. In May 2014, the municipal officials of Bontoc declared the four central barangays (Samoki, Bontoc Ili, Caluttit, and Poblacion) in a state of calamity due to dire and widespread shortage of domestic waters. (Doga-ong, 2014). According to the research of Ms. Emily Marrero, there has been an undersupply of 101, 054 liters per day on 2016 with an annual 30% average increase and that it can account to 1,122 underserved residents among the central barangays. The plan to rehabilitate the water source will increase the production of water thus can address the increasing demands of water supply. Establishing a nursery which only caters to producing tree seedlings that can help on the water production like tibig trees, bamboos, and other native trees. We can also help the private individuals in rehabilitating their own water source by providing the tree seedlings.

Contact Person

Name: Joseph M. Toyokan
Email: dulakhayann@gmail.com