Barangay Pogo, Bautista, Pangisnan

Project Description

With the current covid-19 situation, education has been greatly affected. Having No Face-to-Face classes diminished the quality of education given to every learner. Most of the population in our barangay is school children aging 4 up to 7 years old. And they are ones of those who are greatly affected by this pandemic being unable to have a face-to-face classes and not having the teacher to teach them well especially the basic skills they have to acquire at their age – the reading and writing skills. With their parents’ busy schedules or short span of patience, they were not being taught well. in every 10 children age 4 to 7 years old here in our barangay, only 4 of them is able to write their names or the letters of the alphabet at 2 of them is able to read the basic Consonant-Vowel Sounds. With our project, we aim to help the teachers, parents and most importantly the children by conducting a mobile classroom teaching them the basics of writing and reading with feeding program. By the help of our skilled volunteers, Barangay Council Members and the BHWs, we hope that this project would greatly help our community to diminished or prevent the increase of illiteracy rate in the future. For we firmly believed that, investing in our children is investing for our future.

Contact Person

Name: Ana fe M. Mabanglo