Barangay Poblacion, Kalibo, Aklan

Project Description

Barangay Poblacion Kalibo is the center of trade and industry, educational institutions, and socio-economic activities being the Capital Town of the Province of Aklan and the Gateway to the world’s famous island of Boracay. The Barangay is very exposed to natural and man-made disasters and calamities as well as medical emergencies due to its geological and geographical features such as low lying area, high population density, and urban setting. The capability of the Barangay on disaster preparedness, mitigation, and response will surely play a big role to control the risk and impact of disasters. The Barangay of Poblacion is exposed to different calamities and hazards such as Flooding since it is beside the Aklan River, Extreme Temperature and Fire being an industrialized and commercial Barangay, Infectious Disease from foreign and local tourist traveling to and from the Kalibo International Airport, and Medical Emergencies being a highly urbanized Barangay. To provide fast emergency response to people needing medical attention and disaster response, aside from activating its Barangay Peacekeeping Action Team, Barangay Health Emergency Response Team, and Barangay Fire Brigade, the Council has approved Barangay Ordinance No. 03, Series of 2021 institutionalizing and establishing the Disaster and Risk Reduction Volunteers to the 19 Puroks of the Barangay. The Purok Emergency Responders are Volunteers who will be trained to provide Medical and Emergency Response such as First Aid and Emergency Life Support in their area of responsibility or designated Puroks.

Contact Person

Name: Neil I. Candelario