Barangay Poblacion, Burgos, Ilocos Norte

Project Description

As the center of trade and commerce in the Municipality of Burgos and having one of the most visited tourist spots in the entire Province of Ilocos Norte with more than 160,000 tourists visiting in 2019, Barangay Poblacion is faced with the mounting problem on solid waste management specifically on plastics. WACS conducted projected that beginning in 2018, the barangay will be generating approximately more than half a ton of solid waste daily. That increases as the population also increases. In 2021 alone, the barangay collected 19,366 pieces of plastic bottles, 162 kilograms of plastic wrappers (cut in bits) through its Basura Exchange School Tiangge (BEST). The BEST was established to promote the reduction, reuse and recycling of solid wastes through incentivization – either in cash or in-kind. The implementation of this project improves waste management and more sustainable community practices and also indirectly addresses other social concerns on education, health and livelihood. However, expanding to more participants and sustaining the initiatives remain a challenge.

Contact Person

Name: Joegie B. Jimenez