Barangay Pinaripad Sur, Aglipay, Quirino

Project Description

During this time of pandemic, education is one of the issues that we need to address. The shifting from face to face to distance learning brought great adjustment to the learners and this posted big impact to their low performance. Data shows that as to the consolidation of their grades, it yielded only an average of 82%. One of the reasons behind why things happened it is because, parents do not have enough time to assist their children because they are more engaged to their day to day earning of living. 90% of them did not attain proper education, 70 of them are elementary graduates, 20% were high school graduate and only 10% finished college. If parents cannot afford to assist their children, then this leads to uninterest again of this school learner to gain education. Thus seeking the help of the Knowledgeable Others is necessary, hence this innovation.

Contact Person

Name: Jerry S. Respicio