Barangay Pacdal, Baguio, Benguet

Project Description

As of December 2021, being LMIS as the data source, Pacdal Barangay has recorded 79 number of Person-With-Disability (PWD) constituents: majority of them are physically infirm, 16 of them are blind, 10 are deaf, and 2 are mute. They are oftentimes disregarded because of their physical and mental incapability. We have witnessed countless of times how a PWD is treated in acquiring the help they need. Like, even the blind have to go through numerous back-and-forth visits to different Government Agencies or Private Offices in a day or two, enduring the possibility of this harsh reality that oftentimes they might not get what they requested and ended up being tricked by “adding them on the waiting list” (unfortunately) until the opportunity becomes unavailable. In order to lessen the burden, we plan to set up an accessible, equipped and specified center/office for them in our Barangay, where we could regularly conduct interactive activities or developmental programs and seminars for their well-being.

Contact Person

Name: Abraham N. Lagasca