Barangay Mambog, Bacoor, Cavite

Project Description

The CoVid-19 pandemic impacted not just the health of the people but also wreaked havoc on the educational and business sectors. The pandemic rendered a large number of people unemployed; and, put many students and out of school youths their future to uncertainties. To address unemployment, Barangay of Mambog 1 aims to tapt the vast number of online consumers in Bacoor City and Neighboring Municipalities by spearheading the creation of training programs for digital entrepreneurship and identifying the basic infrastructures or facilities needed. Online stores may benefit from the growing population in the barangay due to the development of subdivisions in the area and in other municipalities. Mambog 1 has a total population of 12,330 (as of May, 2020 Census), 9% higher from August 2015 Census and the population growth is estimated to be at by 15% to 16% by 2025 with the completion of subdivisions that are under development. Based on the 2020 population data, 62% of Mambog 1 population are from subdivisions and the rest are in non-subdivision areas. Area Population Share to Total Brgy. Pop Non-Subdivision 7,600 62% Subdivision 4,730 38% The growth in population can be attributed to the influx of OFWs and young professionals because of Bacoor City’s close proximity to Central Business Districts (CBDs) such as Makati, Alabang; and, Economic Zones. Providing educational programs or training for the fast growing e-commerce sector may provide opportunities of income generation for small businesses, displaced workers, working students and out of school youths.

Contact Person

Name: Rogeklio M. Nolasco