Barangay General Malvar, Santiago

Project Description

Pacri Creek is a stretch of waterway considered as one of Santiago City’s main drainages to the Calao River. It enters Barangay General Malvar on the west from Barangay Calaocan, traversing 1km long and 3m wide parallel to Purok 7, the most densely populated community with 354 households, finally down streaming to the Calao River on the east as its outlet. The main problem are solid wastes coming from other barangays drifting through Pacri Creek ending up in General Malvar. In addition, the runoffs and sewerage containing harmful elements that may seep through the soil, considering that most of the households along the creek uses communal deep wells, 92 units in total, as their main source of water. This has been considered a factor resulting to more than 50 Gastro-Intestinal illnesses and other water-borne and mosquito-borne diseases in Barangay General Malvar for the past two years. The idea is to come up with an eco-friendly waste water filtration project where solid wastes get trapped for collection in areas along the creek to prevent flooding. The non-solid wastewater that gets through the waste trap will then be filtered through a system and pumped out for agricultural and household use, eventually ending up clean in other bodies of water. The ultimate goal is to transform Pacri Creek wastewater into a sustainable source of clean water and a workable irrigation system for agricultural programs such as backyard gardens and aquaponics system for the community’s food security.

Contact Person

Name: Manuel G. Santiago II